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Dear Colleague,

Dermatology is the medical specialisation for the study of skin alterations’ genesis and therapy. This is true even in case of not clear-cut pathological cases, when the alterations seem to be only anti-aesthetic and the patient asks for help. The need to show a healthy and nice skin is growing in both civilised and civilising countries. This is also due to the increase in life’s duration.
What’s more, keeping skin’s integrity and natural vitality is a prerequisite to prevent  dermatoses.
Dermatologists, with a specific knowledge on  biology and fisiology of the skin, can’t avoid answering, in the most relevant and proper way, to questions on such themes. They are the right specialists to assess active principles contained in cosmetics and to perform correct aesthetic methodologies.
This new field of competence has been variously identified as “aesthetic dermatology”, “cosmetological dermatology” etc. but:
• The term “Aesthetic” associates too much a doctor with a beauty specialist, creating confusion between the roles (is a dermatologist a beauty specialist with a degree?)
• The term “Cosmetological” describes the dermatologist like someone who prescribes cosmetics (a perfume-seller with a degree?);

Such a confusion within the roles alters the professional image of dermatologists and doesn’t reflect the true value of dermatologists’ principles. For this reason there is the need to create a new qualified ad more suitable discipline: “PLASTIC DERMATOLOGY”.
“Plastic” is synonymous to “mouldable”, “changeable” and therefore “improvable”.
Plastic Dermatology deals with all the means which, gently and with a proper dermatological-medical approach, could improve the appearance of the skin and keep its integrity.
The tools used by the Plastic Dermatology are dermal fillers, peelings, laser, microsurgery of the surface, the fotodinamic therapy, dermocosmetics, dietary supplementation, drugs and all the means to operate “with the maximum biological concern about the cutaneous tissue”.
The results will be achieved operating in conservative and bio-stimulating way, in order to reduce significantly the damage to the skin. This will be the relevant differentiation from Plastic Surgery, which, on the contrary, consists in the resection of deep tissues (osteo-muscular), in structural changes and macroscopic reconstructions, where it keeps all its unquestionable value.
ISPLAD, the “INTERNATIONAL-ITALIAN SOCIETY OF PLASTIC-AESTHETIC AND ONCOLOGIC DERMATOLOGY”, has been founded to outline the aims and intents of  Plastic Dermatology.

The goals to be achieved are:
1. To promote  Study and  Research on the most relevant cutaneous imperfections.
2. To promote dermo-plastic therapeutical educationals (also in co-operation with specialists of other branches of medicine)
3. To promote studies on both clinical and instrumental methodologies to verify the results of dermo-plastic and cosmetic treatments.
4. To promote research and studies about the benefits of Thermal Therapies in Thermal Resorts on dermo-plastic pathologies.
5. To control and  monitor side effects linked to dermo-plastic treatments and to the use of cosmetics.
6. To promote campaigns for the prevention and the awareness on  “how to keep  skin healthy” (also in co-operation with other dermatological societies)      
7. To organise trainings on the main methodologies applied to dermo-plastic “arena” (also in co-operation with other societies, both dermatological and belonging to different disciplines)
8. To promote the exchange of clinical experiences among dermatologists on an international basis.
9. To protect all dermatologists from a professional point of view.
10. The dermatologist is “the specialist” to whom is ISPLAD is dedicated.

ISPLAD was officially introduced to Italian dermatologists in January 2001.
It immediately received important and significant acknowledgements by the  societies representing the best of Italian dermatology, whose Boards hunanimously recognised it and are encouraging its growth.

Up to now ISPLAD counts more than 2.000 dermatologists over Italy, linked to universities, hospitals, ambulatories, or working as free professionals.
What emerges is the clear objective of this new-born society: to be an international scientific movement created to bring out the value of  dermatologists in the field of “bien-etre”.

It is very important for plastic dermatology to become international in order to give more and more strength to the dermatologists who want to work seriously on the above described matters. Therefore it is also important for ISPLAD to be able to be present in each country: following the Italian experience, in every country we should organize an ISPLAD office that will attract in short period many associates, all of them joining the wish to become the most important specialists in the field of plastic dermatology.
If you want to share with us this experience and join our association, which is growing among the dermatologists worldwide, please contact ISPLAD in Italy for all the information you need.

I personally wish that the link between professional skills and true energies of all dermatologists will be the basis for the common good and for the growth of our specialization.

Prof. Antonino Di Pietro Specialista in Dermatologia e Venereologia Presidente ISPLAD

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